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BZET Brightening Eyes Anti Senescent Treatment Set

BZET Brightening Eyes Anti Senescent Treatment Set
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Ingrin, edient:
1. Aloe Vera Caring  Eye Mask: Aloe Vera, Chamoile, Dandelion
2. Eye Repairing Serum (5ml):
    Hamamelidanceae, collagen, redgrape, hyaluronic acid, chamomile
3. Eye Lifting Emulsion(5ml):
    allantoin, vitamin E, lecithin, mineral. grape seed extract, propolis extract
4. Multiple Caring Liquid:
    DNA powder, whitening extract liquid, cereal germ powder, elastin powder
5. Candyfloss Eye Mask:
    plant collagen, amino acids, enzyme extract, aloe extract, bilberry, elastin element
6. Butterfly Bringhtening Eye Mask:
    Elastin, Aloe vera, lavender, moisturizer
It could help to reduce winkles and eliminate dark circle, brighten your eyes by activate your blood circulation. Your eyes become radiaut after use.